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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Open Season on Canadian Science Policy? – Commercial Space

Iran’s space programme – threat or paper tiger? – Flight Global

More on NASA funding in the FY12 conference report – Space Politics

Report on U.S. – China Security Issues Published – NASA Watch

FAA AST reports on 2011 launches & suborbital industry – RLV and Space Transport News

Space Based Solar Power Findings Finally Released – Commercial Space

Suppose we signed a treaty and no one cared? – Songs of Space and Nuclear Warfare

Aviation Law
Initial Pilot Training: Better Management Controls Are Needed to Improve FAA Oversight. GAO-12-117 November 4, 2011

Geospatial Law
Location, Location, Location – Information Law Group

In Slovenia, photography gets regulatory scrutiny – Ogle Earth

California City Approves Spy Plane to Fly Overhead – Threat Level

Occupy the Skies! Protesters Could Use Spy Drones – Danger Room

Laws and Policies That Promote A ‘Geospatially-enabled Nation’ – Spatial law and Policy

Adele Tops the Supremes – Volokh Conspiracy

Net Neutrality Update: One Lonely Reconsideration Petitioner – CommLawBlog

DoD’s cyber fail-safe dilemma – DoD Buzz

Is There A Doctrine In The Cyber House? – Security Debrief

Zittrain vs. Zittrain – TAP

W3C Publishes Draft “Do-Not-Track” Standards – Information Law Group

US Piracy Law Could Threaten Human Rights – CDT