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Library: A Round-up of Reading

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Space Law
Jeff Foust, Fear of a Chinese Moon, The Space Review

Danny Houpt, A new policy typology to better understand the goals of China’s space program, The Space Review

The asterisk in Monday’s commercial crew announcement – Space Politics

Owen Bowcott, Space debris collisions a growing risk, experts warn, The Guardian

Minibus next stop: the House – Space Politics

ITAR reform bill introduced – RLV and Space Transport News

China and Fear – Hyperbola

Office of Science and Technology Policy: Violation of the Antideficiency Act. GAO-12-200T November 2, 2011

EARSC Position Paper on Data Policy – EARSC

European Turmoil Imperils Space Budgets – EARSC

Searching for ET, But No Evidence Yet – White House

Canada Is Pursuing Space Cooperation Treaties with Russia and China – NASA Watch

Canadian Space Agency Releases State of the Canadian Space Sector for 2010 – SpaceRef Canada

Aviation Law
Aviation Security: TSA Has Taken Steps to Enhance Its Foreign Airport Assessments, but Opportunities Exist to Strengthen the Program. GAO-12-163 October 21, 2011

A New Technological Fix Hopes to Make Airport Noise a “Whisper” – Aviation & Airport Development Law Blog

11 Issues in Aviation Law and Policy (Fall 2011):

Brian F. Havel & Gabriel S. Sanchez, Do We Need a New Chicago Convention?
Elena Carpanelli, The “Siberian Overflights” Issue
Paul E. Stinson, Implied Field Preemption of the Aviation Claims Under the Federal Aviation Act: How the Landscape is Changing
Carlos Ruiz, Pulling Back the Throttle in the Exercise of Personal Jurisdiction over Air Carriers
Francesco Fiorilli, Ensuring Global Competitiveness in the Airline Industry
Vanja-Ivan Savić, Responsibility in the Cockpit or Downtown? How Legal Theory Determines if an Airline Is to be Treated as a Criminal

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Takes FAA to the Woodshed in Cape Cod Wind Farm Case – Aviation & Airport Development Blog

ICAO Sides with ETS Opponents – Aviation Law Prof Blog

Inside Executive Branch Policy Discussions on Drone Strikes – Opinio Juris

What Happens After the USA Pulls out of the International Civil Aviation Organization? – UN Dispatch

Fiscal Year 2011 Agreed-Upon Procedures for Excise Tax Distributions to the Airport and Airway Trust Fund. GAO-12-140R November 3, 2011

Geospatial Law
NOAA Mobile App Delivers Aerial and Satellite Imagery to Emergency Responders – got geoint?

Not a Good Week for LightSquared – NSGIC

The Spatial Law and Policy Update (November 2, 2011) – Spatial Law and Policy Blog

Argument preview: High-tech policing – SCOTUS Blog

Feds Seek Unfettered GPS Surveillance Power as Location-Tracking Flourishes – Threat Level

Cyber Law
Venture Capitalists Join Internet Blacklist Bill Backlash – Threat Level

Joe Biden, Cyberspace, and International Law – Opinio Juris

Dr. Ian Brown Discusses Internet Freedom: A Comparative Assessment at the 2nd Installment of the GW Law Speaker Series – TAP

Global Internet Freedom and Human Rights – Communia

The Growing Mexican Cartel and Vigilante War in Cyberspace – Small Wars Journal

ONI Summarized Global Internet Filtering Data Now Available for Download – ONI

NLRB Holds “Facebook” Firing Justified on Alternative Grounds, but Finds Policy Unlawful – Information Law Group

Feds’ Use of Fake Cell Phone Tower Turns on Whether it Constituted a Search – Threat Level

US Intelligence Report Calls China and Russia Biggest Cyber Espionage Threats – ONI

DNI Report on Economic Cyberespionage – Lawfare